RNA revealed

Nymirum exploits the dynamics and atomic-scale structure of RNA 

to guide novel small molecule drug discovery

 01.22.20 Co-founder  Hashim Al-Hashimi receives 2020 National Academy of Sciences Award in Molecular Biology (read more)

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Our proprietary platform is built on unparalleled advancements in RNA structural biology that allows for the visualization of RNA dynamics at the atomic level with unprecedented sensitivity, enabling the targeting of potentially hidden druggable conformations.

Exploiting RNA dynamics

RNAs rapidly exchange between a vast array of distinct 3D conformations, each revealing potentially novel binding surfaces. These dynamics are critical to understanding RNA function and fully exploiting its untapped drug potential.


Nymirum was the first company launched to target RNA with small molecules and was founded by the pioneers of this space. We have built a robust platform specifically to address the unique challenges of targeting RNA and to lead the advancement of the industry into the next frontier of drug development

We have successfully partnered with some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world to accelerate their RNA drug discovery.


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